Ghost House

The information supplied is as it was told to us.
What it true or untrue can not be confirmed.

The story so far …

A wealthy Bangkok business man called Patpong (better known for his roads in the red light district of Bangkok, Patpong 1 and Patpong 2) started building what we refer to as the Roman Temple in 1995, as a gift to his wife.

Unfortunately he also had a mistress, a wealth American Heiress call Shirley Anne, and when his wife found out she conspired to have the mistress raped and murdered.

On the day that the wife was convicted and jailed the work on the building stopped.

Since then the land and building has changed hands two or three times, each time the grounds have got smaller and smaller, originally the property streched down to the beach road, but now it has shrunk to 6 Rai.

Inside one will find life sized statues of Greek Gods and Goddesses, full sized elephants and lions. No expenses was spared. An Olympic sized swimming pool streches around three sides of the building.

There is also a guest house on the far side of the property, whis is slightly more finished, with stain glass windows and full size bar and games room in the cellars.

The eight double sided circular seating area in the centre of the property is most unusual, each chair is support by cherubs and the backs have flying lions.

The property is for sale at 57.000.000 Baht, but there is still a lot to do to make it habitable. The house is located in Sam Roi Yot Soi 21

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