For six years I live half the year in Thailand with my wife. In a house on the edge of the National Park Sam Roi Yod, 250 km south of Bangkok.


As a romantic I see the scenery in a special focus. My main theme, “Human Traces in the Landscape” I remained true. Not the kitschy postcard perspective or longing for the exotic is meant, but the present reality of the landscape in Sam Roi Yod National Park.
We live there among the ordinary people, fishermen and farmers, etc. We are not tourists, we live in the wild grasslands, the nearest house is 500m away. The track of the people is also clearly noticeable and leaves “painful interventions” in the countryside. There I try to represent the “injured landscapes” in my work.

Hanno Karlhuber

Born in 1946 in Dresden / Germany, lives and works in Vienna / Austria and Sam Roi Yod / Thailand

Artistic biography
1968-72 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Masterclass Prof. Rudolf Hausner; Diploma in Painting
1980-82 study of Japanese painting at the Tokyo Geidai; Beginning with video works

1996 Atelier opening Diesterweggasse 6 1140 Wien
2000 05 Artistic Director of Galerie Akum, Vienna
Program focus: magical realism, fantastic realism, visionary art
2009-16 curator of exhibitions on Baroque Riegersburg / Austria
Last exhibition:
Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad
Fotos from NP Sam Roi Yod




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